Royal Lochnagar 12YO

Royal Lochnagar 12YO


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This highland Scotch has been prized by monarchs south of the border since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert took the first ever distillery tour on her visit of 1848 after an invitation from the owner John Begg. Famous for its royal warrant and outstanding flavour, Royal Lochnagar whisky owes both to an incredible location – one mile from Balmoral Castle, at the foot of the Cairngorn mountains and the crystal clear water of the Scarnock springs.

The first licensed Lochnagar distillery was set up on the north side of the river in 1826 by a former illicit distiller, but his competitors soon burned it down. A second distillery was built by John Begg on the south bank in 1845, this is the distillery we now know. Originally called New Lochnagar, it was renamed following the royal visit. Today, it retains the traditional distillery appearance – with its two pagoda kiln heads – and techniques like the open mash tun.

Royal Lochnagar whisky is anything but a dominating presence on the palate. This delicate malt offers instead fruits, planed wood and light toffee. Packed with personality but never overbearing, this is a well-bred whisky. An ideal gift for drinkers looking to explore Highland Single Malt Whiskies known for being rich in flavour and aroma.

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