Kings Club Join for discounted wines
£20.00 / month with a 14-day free trial Sign up now

Kings Club Join for discounted wines

£20.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

Welcome to the Kings Club, join our community and in return we give you great discounts on all wines all year round.

Our Kings members get the best prices online with 20% or more discount on every wine we stock

You pay £20 a month into your account and spend it whenever you like on the wines you want. There’s no pressure it’s up to you when you order and which wines to choose.

Still not sure about the benefits of joining?

Sign up today, get all the discounts and we won’t take the first subscription payment for 14 days, giving you time to see all our discounted prices, place your order, enjoy the wines and get to know us a little more. We know you won’t be disappointed but if you think it isn’t for you after all you can still cancel anytime.

Sign up today  – Get discounts today!


What’s it all about

Become part of our Exclusive Kings Club today and take advantage of the huge discounts on all our wines . When you join our club you get fantastic wines and fantastic prices  anytime you order, so there’s no need to wait for your favorite to be back on sale again as it’s on sale every day. Not only do you get up to 40% discount you also get priority access to all new wines, invitations to tastings, newsletters and giveaways.

The money you deposit each month (£20) is converted to Kings Funds, when you place an order you simple use your fund to pay. If you don’t have enough Kings Points you simply pay the balance with a card or through paypal.

Saving for something special?

Kings Club is a great way to save for big events like weddings as there’s no need to spend your points if you don’t want to they never expire. In the meantime you can take advantage of all the benefits and pay as you go- it’s up to you.

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