Ruinart Second Skin Rosé Champagne NV, 75cl
Ruinart Second Skin Rosé Champagne NV, 75cl
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Ruinart Second Skin Rosé Champagne NV, 75cl



Ruinart Second Skin Rosé Champagne NV, 75cl

The history of Ruinart rosé, the very first rosé champagne to make its appearance, dates back to the 18th century. While Ruinart rosé champagne first appeared over 250 years ago, its excellent quality remains the essential feature of the production of this delicate wine to this day.

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Ruinart Second Skin Rosé Champagne NV, 75cl

Marrying the longstanding Maison’s signature grape Chardonnay with Pinot Noir, this elegant second skin rosé blends 20-25% of reserve wines and 18-19% of lightly extracted red wine. The end result is sublimely fruity with an intense golden pink hue. On the nose, it’s fresh and subtle, ripe with cherry and freshly picked red berries, followed by a splash of flowers and spicy notes.

In light of the ever growing environmental challenges, Ruinart has taken a decisive step forward in its commitment to sustainability by launching an eco-designed case for this rosé. Two years of research and development were required to create this case. It has been stylishly molded to the shape of the bottle and made of 100% entirely recyclable paper.

Light, aesthetic and functional, the second skin case suggests a new set of gesture: it is inspired by the manner in which maîtres d’s wrap a white serviette around bottles of champagne.

Suitable for storage for several months in a fridge, the case can withstand the humidity of a cellar, and up to three hours in an ice bucket. So rather than being disposed of immediately, the case may be retained until serving or longer to maintain the integrity of the wine


On the palate the attack is distinct and full, cradled by a gentle effervescence. The aromas of freshly picked berries are fully expressed. The balance brings together a delightful freshness and voluptuous body, expressed by an elegant bracing touch of mint and pink grapefruit.

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