Uruguay is emerging as one of the most exciting wine producing countries in the world; with plenty of new money being invested in developing vineyards and existing producers getting the recognition they deserve.

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    Alcyone Dessert Tannat Quick View
      Alcyone Dessert Tannat Quick View
    • Alcyone Dessert Tannat

    • £25.75
    • Alcyone Dessert Tannat This dessert wine is made from 100% tannat and combines two dessert wine production methods. As with Ports and Marsala the fermentation of the wine is stopped with the addition of Brandy. This means that not all the grapes sugars have been converted to alcohol and the wine retains a natural sweetness.
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    Estival Quick View
    • Estival Quick View
    • Estival

    • £15.79
    • Estival Silky white tones are accentuated by tart passion fruit wrapped in pineapple, floral notes continue to flourish with hints of citrus and then heartwarming creaminess on the finish. A heavenly wine.
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    Anarkia Tannat Quick View
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    VueltAlmundo Tannat – Cabernet Franc Quick View