Mixed Mini Tasting Case

Mixed Mini Tasting Case

Want to know your Chenin from your Sauvignon or your Merlot from your Malbec? This tasting box is ideal for getting you started on your wine tasting journey. It comes with full tasting notes, food ideas, its the perfect serve for getting together (but not gathering) with your work colleagues, uni friends, and neighbours.  




Mixed Mini Tasting Case

The perfect selection to share an evening with friends or colleagues.

Canned wines are a relevantly new concept they’re not only a superb way of keeping wines fresh, just as the winemaker made it, but they’re also recyclable, convenient, and have a lower carbon footprint than traditional bottles.

The mixed taste box consists of five cans of wine, specially selected for their typical characters. 2 whites, a rose, and 2 reds.

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