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New Events and Tastings Page

​We have a new page on our website. All our forthcoming events and tastings will be featured on our Events & Tastngs page. We have already added a few fun events for your diary so please checkout the page and book your places. 

Forthcoming dates are:

Saturday 31st August – Summer Party Pairings

Friday 6th Sept – Walking with Wine

Friday 11h October – Chocolate and Wine tasting 

Saturday 23rd November  Christmas Wine tasting.

Hope to see you soon.

H is for … Harvest

Are you looking forward to harvesting your own crop of fruit or veg?

Of course, H is for Harvest ?

You reap what you sow – or so we are led to believe.

This is indeed true on so many levels with making wine, but sometimes things happen, like the weather, that are completely out of our control.

As harvest time approaches, spare a thought for our wineries and winemakers.

They’ve spent the last 12 months tending to their crops, praying to the gods for a bit of rain, but not too much, warm sunny days and cool overnight winds.

? Finally, the grapes are ripe and the time has come to pick.

Rarely do you see family and friends rolling up their sleeves and pulling on their wellies to crush the hand-picked grapes of the family vineyard anymore.

These days grapes are often picked by machines that work around the clock to harvest the grapes at the optimum time.

Nevertheless, this time of year is an emotional rollercoaster; filled with anticipation, excitement, a bit of fear but hopefully joy and happiness as the harvested grapes turn into well loved wines ?

G is for … Grapes

Here’s a question for you… what colour wine do you think comes from these grapes?

Did you say red?


Or even rosé?

? Well, you’d be correct if you said any of these colours!

Just because the grape is red, this doesn’t mean it only makes red wine. In fact, the juice from all grapes is clear, so all grapes can make white wine.

But in order to be either a rosé or a red wine, the grape juice needs colour, and this colour actually comes from the skin of the grapes.

So, for example, you can’t make blush wine from the chardonnay grape as it’s a white grape – well green really, but these are called white grapes.

But from a red grape you can make red, white or rosé wines, depending on how long you leave the grape skin in contact with the juice, known as ‘must’.

A cabernet or a syrah grape would make a deeper colour much quicker than say a Pinot Gris or a cinsault grape, because of the darker skin colour ?

So the grape in the photo (Pinot Noir) you will find in Champagnes, reds and rosé wines across the world.

? A deceptive little ball of fun hey!

F is for … Friends

What else could it be?

F is for… Friends

Things we think friends are fantastic for:

? Sharing a bottle of wine
? Lending you a corkscrew
? Going out for dinner and wine with
? Gossiping over a great glass of wine
? Bringing over a bottle of wine to celebrate/ cheer you up/ because it’s a day of the week with a Y in it

Dates for your Diary

Summer Party Pairings Saturday 31st August 3pm – 6pm

The Summer months are an ideal time to throw a party and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones in the great outdoors and our summer pairings tasting is just the thing to get you in the mood and to give you some great ideas. We will have over 10 wines for you to try, which will pair wonderfully with summer foods whether you’re having a cocktail party, barbeque, family gathering or a wedding. Tickets are limited so book early. Tickets must be booked in advance. 

There is no charge for Kings Members but you must order your ticket through the website to reserve your place.

Location: Wriggly Tin Wine Co, Heath Cottage Heath Lane, Wilsford.

NB: This event may be outdoors weather permitting so please dress accordingly.

Tickets on Sale Now – follow the link below

Christmas Tasting Saturday 23rd November 3pm – 6pm

This magical time of year will soon be upon us and this year we will be showcasing over 10 of our wines for you to try in an informal setting with Christmas in mind. Following on from our Summer Tasting we will be pairing our wines with foods typically enjoyed at Christmas time. Tickets are limited so book early. Tickets must be booked in advance.

No Charge for Kings Members but you must order your ticket through the website to reserve your place. 

Location: Wriggly Tin Wine Co, Heath Cottage Heath Lane, Wilsford.

Tickets for this event are available soon.

Family & Friends

Brand New Wine just arrived – Feudo Maccari’s ” Family & Friends ” 
This 100% Grillo wine was made by Dott Moretti Cuseri especially to be enjoyed with his friends, it was such a success that he decided to launch it in the market and we’re very pleased that he did. 
With the majority of Sicilian wines going into the bulk wine market you may think that this is going to be an average wine but ‘oh boy’ you couldn’t be more wrong.
This 2016 vintage awarded 92 points by International Wine Critic James Suckling with a nose that opens with hints of citrus, especially pink grapefruit, followed by delicate aromas of vanilla and cinnamon: It is fresh, deep, with a pleasant mineral component. 
And best of all is that Grillo is so versatile it goes with almost any type of food from fish to chicken, pasta and even a risotto. What more could we ask for. Online now exclusively for our Kings Members at £22.50 usual price £28

E is for English Sparkling

E is for… English Sparkling Wine

A new player has entered the fizz world in the last few years, and it’s perhaps closer than you think.

Homegrown on our very own shores, English Sparkling Wine has packed a punch against its perhaps better known competitors, including Champagne and Prosecco, winning international awards and earning its place against its rivals.

With similar climate and geological characteristics in southern England to areas of France, the opportunity was ripe for English vineyards to enter the market with their very own sparkling wine.

In the past decade, vineyards across England have more than doubled, and last year the UK consumed 164 million bottles of English sparkling wine, a record-breaking year.

Once enjoyed only as an extravagance at Christmas or on special occasions, the introduction of more varieties of bubbles, particularly prosecco, has led to fizz becoming a favourite and popular everyday tipple.

Sugar Loaf Sauvignon Blanc

​We’re pleased to say that one of our favourite wines is back in stock this week. Many of you will know how thrilled we are to be the only stockist of this wonderful wine north or London. 

The wine made by Kate Acland from her 26 hectare estate is handcrafted and won Gold Award at the New Zealand International Wine Show – the judges described it as “classically Marlborough… an elegant Sauvignon Blanc with passionfruit, grassy and mineral flavours, on a soft, refreshing palate” – delicious!

Our Kings members get this beauty for just £10.00 per bottle. A saving of £34.20 on a case of 12.

To find our more about how you can become a Wriggly Tin King click the link below


Wine Club

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