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– Bar Packages –

Free Bar


You pay for your guests drinks

We work with you on this to supply a range of drinks chosen by you and keep you informed along the way

Paid Bar


Guests pay for their drinks

The pay as you go way is simple and straight forward, we offer a fully stocked bar for your guests to enjoy. You also have to option to add a bar tab to this bar which can be implemented at any stage during the event.

Subsidised Bar


Splitting the cost between you and your guests.

With this option you can either put a fund behind the bar and when it’s gone the bar reverts to a paid bar. 
Alternatively you could pay towards each drink and your guests pay the balance.

Sharing the profit


For larger events

Large public events can benefit from earning a % of our profits. This can go towards your charity or pay for some entertainment.

Choose the way we run your bar.  All our bars include our professional, friendly staff and all bar equipment, all glassware, fully installed bar with back bar and refrigeration. We take all major credit cards. We have full public liability insurance.

To book a bar we require a deposit of £199 which is refunded once you spend more than £1500.

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