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A- Z of wines

G is for … Grapes

Here’s a question for you… what colour wine do you think comes from these grapes? Did you say red? White? Or even rosé? ? Well,

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E is for English Sparkling

Homegrown on our very own shores, English Sparkling Wine has packed a punch against its perhaps better known competitors, including Champagne and Prosecco, winning international

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D is for … Dosage

The champagne making process is full of D’s:⁠⁠Dépointage – the stacking of bottles at a specific angle prior to…⁠⁠Disgorgement – the removal of sediment on

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B is for … Blush

What is a blush we hear you ask? Some people think it’s down to the sweetness of the wine; blush being sweeter than a rosé.

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